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Thanks for the technical support. Great tool and all the team has proven to be very helpful.

Great plugin!. Easy to setup. Thank you.

It does as advertised.

It’s an easy captcha plugin for WordPress. I will not even hesitate to call this plugin as best captcha plugin for WordPress. It had my life more easier. Great job!

Works good, like the now removed Captcha plugin. Keep it simple and safe and updated.

a good plugin

This captcha plugin exceeded my expectations. It took several attempts at finding a captcha plugins that did not conflict with my security system and this one has been effective as well as compatible with all my plugins.
Thank you.

Beautiful plugin. Thanks for that.

Love it – easy to set up an to use – and it just do what it has to do!

Got rid of google captcha

It’s helping a lot with my comments and login pages.

Thank you for this great plugin, it cuts way back on hacker attempts to invade my sites.
Highly recommended!!!